Inspection, Fluid Flush and Repair by Northboro Transmission Service

Did you know that your car or truck’s transmission system is a very complex network of parts that number over 1,000? You can think of your transmission as the heart of your vehicle’s engine. Every part and mechanism must work in complete, perfect sync with each other in order for your transmission system to work to provide the power your engine needs to run smoothly, safely and reliably.

Since the transmission system is such a complex system, if there is a problem with it, it can come in many forms and have many different causes for the problem. Our professional technicians are highly trained to provide expert transmission service, repair and diagnosis. We have the equipment, technology, tools and knowledge to accurately pinpoint any transmission problem and provide the best transmission service and repair that will get your engine running smoothly again and get you back on the road!

Common symptoms for transmission system problems include:

• Check Engine Light On (or Service Engine Soon)
• Strange Noises – clicking, knocking, screeching, buzzing, whistling, clanking or grating
• Slipping – the engine races, but the vehicle moves slowly or won’t accelerate properly
• Erratic or improper shifting
• Gear shift handle sticks or gets stuck
• Vehicle moves or jerks when in Park or Neutral
• Strange smell coming from under the hood or vehicle
• Stalling
• Doesn’t go – you place your gear shift lever to “drive” and nothing happens
• Doesn’t reverse – vehicle doesn’t move when gear shift lever is set to “reverse”
• Leaks – you notice fresh fluid leaks under your vehicle
• Loss of power

Bring your car or truck to Northboro Transmission for transmission service, diagnosis or repair as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of these transmission system symptoms. We can perform:

• Expert computerized transmission diagnosis
• Check engine light diagnosis
• Complete transmission inspection
• Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange (Fluid Flush)
• Transmission Filter Replacement
• Transmission Repair
• Manual Transmission Service